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  • Conference room partitionable wall system
  • Conference room partitionable wall system
  • Conference room partitionable wall system
Conference room partitionable wall system Conference room partitionable wall system Conference room partitionable wall system

Conference room partitionable wall system

  • Product Code: jingke86
  • Applicable scene: hotel banquet hall meeting room
  • Product size: 6M*1M*0.065M (can be customized)
  • Order batch: 20/square meter
  • Production cycle: 10-20 days
  • Document download:Product album.pdf (right click save as)
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Conference room partitionable wall system

Hotel partition

Hotel partition

Hotel partition


1. The active partition is designed to be used as a separate exterior space. Its application is more flexible. It usually produces a blocking effect. It is generally not done under the board, and some can even be moved. The biggest difference between the partition wall and the partition wall is that the partition is made under the partition, that is, the height of the facade is different.

2. The extensible operation method fully reflects the people-oriented concept, flexible touch, and the spring operation is safer and more durable.


1. Overhead track, just install the track on the floor or rack, there is no track on the floor, the ground is not damaged.

2. A unique aluminum material that can be used for painting.

3. Easy to collect, the board can be hidden in a special safe and has no effect on the overall appearance.

It is widely used in many occasions.

Construction method

Removable partition

Construction method

1. Rail mounting: Suspension is fixed by attaching a lifting wheel to the top of the partition and connecting the rail suspension. Tracks and hanging wheels should be selected based on the size of the partition and the weight of the load.

2. Partition panel installation: According to the design drawings, draw a marking wheel on each partition and screw it to the top of the partition; then place the panel into the rail so that each panel is perpendicular to the ground; test and push and pull flexible rotation And finally to a fixed connection.

3. Debugging: After the installation of the active panel, it is necessary to decide on its own, seal and so on. Then clean the panel to complete the installation

Parcel delivery

Hotel partition

Production workshop

Hotel partition

Customer case

Hotel partition

company information

Guangzhou Jingke Building Material Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Jingke Building Material Co., Ltd. is a professional mobile partition that integrates R&D, design, production, sales and installation. It is a hotel screen, folding screen, high compartment and high partition. The company has advanced production equipment, a strong technical installation team and marketing team. The factory introduces foreign advanced production technology, based on Germany's advanced partition technology, absorbs the essence of China's regional technology, and continuously optimizes, improves and innovates. In order to ensure the product has excellent sound absorption, sound absorption and flame retardant performance, while having a beautiful and personalized appearance, the company continues to absorb professional and technical personnel.


In this way, the cost of using the plant will be different, and the effect of mechanization will be more increased.

The room partition wall is a functional space that everyone gives to the right, and it pays attention to the adaptability of the internal environment, such as the functional mechanization in the plant space, the function of the formal ballroom. Running along the track, when he came to the pre-designed coordinates and locked the entity, the hall can be divided into a number of single small rooms, used to hold a smaller group, three friends, sing K, etc. Undertake. The use of the partition wall of the factory room is generally based on the improvement of the use value of the space. With the effect of the dead wood and the spring, the space becomes the same as the change of the space, and the function of the space is from simple to diverse.

In the large-scale, wide-area physical building, the partition walls of the factory rooms are retained by the ceiling rails. What makes people happy is that the function of the hall is so unconventional, not only can formal meetings be held, but it can be more reminiscent of the medium-sized singer K. In view of the combination of styles of closing houses, the days when the doors and walls of the factory are separated from each other are not bad for the halls. They are often used to receive formal meetings, conferences, conferences, etc., but as the main dining space of the factory. The function of the factory is doomed but not simple. The more diverse dining mode needs to be accepted, and today it is the time when the factory room separates the door wall. The author takes the example of a regular factory building in some three-star hotels in Zhaoqing, and shows the mysterious role of the partition wall of this factory room for friends. Room partition door utilization function room partition door manufacturerBallroom partition

These are the factories that use the factory room to separate the door walls. What is the current situation?

This uses a factory room separated by a door wall, and the function is so wide. Dare to ask, such a use of this role, this factory room separation door wall is not worthy of everyone to achieve? If you also dream that the company's factory space can also be like the formal factory buildings of some three-star hotels, you can look for the surrounding manufacturers to ask the specific cost and production resettlement time.

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