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Glass movable partition = how best to use the most effective

What is the best and most effective way to use glass partitions? Is it a perennial screen/compartment? The smudged screen/compartment is a wall material that can slide in the area of ​​the rails, which means that employees want to operate. When the hotel restaurant is approaching opening, the construction and glass activity partition construction personnel are about to be withdrawn, and the hotel restaurant workers are about to appear, and they still do not have a thoughtful beautification when they are handed over.

Therefore, the bright 14 screen compartment company in Qingdao introduces the best and most effective way to use glass partitions for your reference. It is also hoped that some people can solve some urgent problems.

First, at the time of handover, let the team first arrange the door and the number of the door panel. This is very important. When a lot of separate compartment door panels get together to get a position, the procedure is turbulent. In fact, each wall is just closed. Finally, the last door of the wall can not be pushed. There are many obvious cracks.

Nowadays, it’s not so good to push the change. It’s harder than the group map. It’s really anxious to make people sweat! such asGlass partitionHow to adopt

The beginning of the topic is that each compartment door panel is closed on the right side of the closed door is neatly closed.

If the production is not closed or the upper and lower crack specifications are completely different, it is necessary to coordinate the height of the hanging wheel. The compartment door panel is rectangular, and there are several sizes of wheel pulleys. If one of the small wheel pulleys is high, one of the small wheel pulleys is low, the compartment door panel is inclined, and the spelling is not closed and is not neat and beautiful. With two open adjustable wrenches (the brand and model of the large-vision glass movable partition), you can adjust the height of the small wheel pulley to make it equal and lock.

If the signs of this type are too high, it is probably a fake thing, recommend replacing the bright 14 suspension system in Qingdao. The bright 14 suspension system in Qingdao is in good condition, with a lock and never wavering.

Later is the difficulty of pushing.

Looking at it very quickly, but will pay attention to its small things, will greatly expand the use of glass activity partitions. In the case of long wall material, three sanitary partitions can be pushed together. This thrust channel is applied to the right side of the hanging wheel to be balanced, and is not easy to shake. When using the unilateral toilet partition, both hands are used.

When turning, they also use two hands to operate. One hand pushes forward in the backward direction and holds the front side with one hand. When the hanging wheel enters the turning position, it gently pulls the standard to the corner, and the simple turn is turned.

However, it must not be too urgent, because the force is pushed downwards, the force is going down, the lowermost end of the partition door is inclined to the corner, the head of the door is not followed, and the shape evolves into a compartment door, but it does not turn. bend. On the other hand, the bottom end is slightly inclined backwards, and the upper head causes the forward rush, which makes it easier to turn. How best is the most effective use of glass partitions?

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