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Hotel partition = let you choose the right

The hotel partition allows you to choose the right place to influence the screen/compartment? The influence of the screen/compartment is a new wall material decoration material, which can be automatically pushed in the scope of the rail placement, that is to say, it needs workers to operate. When the villa conference hall was close to business, the construction and hotel partition construction workers had begun to withdraw, and the staff of the villa conference hall began to enter the scene. The handover process still did not have a thoughtful beautification. It is precisely because of this that the Nanjing 1 Perimeter Compartment Factory introduces the correct operation method of the two hotel partitions for everyone's reference, and hopes to solve the urgent needs of some people who are in a hurry.

First, at the time of handover, let the enterprise arrange the steps and codes of the compartment door panel first.

This is very important. When many of the compartment door panels are united to receive a location, the steps are chaotic. Each wall should be closed, and the end of the wall will form a door that cannot be pushed in. There is a special gap between them.

Now, push you to change, push it to change, but the effect is not good, it is more difficult than the group picture, this is really anxious to make people sweat! such asHotel partitionLet you choose

Then, on the right side of each compartment door, the curved joint is completely closed.

In the event that the formation is not closed or the different gap patterns are completely different, the width and height of the hanging wheel must be integrated. The partition door panel is a shaft shape with three wheels. Then, if one of the wheels is high and one of the wheels is low, the compartment door panel is inclined, and the seal is not closed and is not neat and luxurious.

By using the two-port adjustable wrench (depending on the type and model of the hotel), the wheel width can be corrected to balance and lock. In the unlikely event that this sign is too much, it is likely to be a smattering of merchandise. It is recommended to replace the bright 1 hanging system in Nanjing.

Nanjing bright 1 suspension system has excellent texture, once locked, never 3 turbulence.

The next step is automatic doubts.

Looking at it is fast, but you need to pay attention to its small things, which will greatly expand the selection period of the hotel partition.

In the case of a long-lasting wall material, a sanitary partition can be pushed between each other. This thrust channel is fairly balanced on the right side of the hanging wheel and certainly does not shake; a single piece of toilet partition automatically requires both hands. When turning, both hands must be manipulated. One hand pushes forward on the back side, and one hand rubs the front side. When feeling the hanging wheel enters the turning place, carefully pull it toward the turning position, and it is very simple to turn to the position.

But don't use too much force, because push hard below, the force goes down, the lowermost end of the door panel is tilted toward the turning side, the front end of the door panel has not followed, forming the compartment door panel backwards, even turning to the bend .

On the other hand, the bottom end is slightly inclined backwards, and the front end makes it forward, so it is easy to turn to the position. Restaurant partition allows you to choose the right

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