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Partition design = teach you how to best use

The partition wall design teaches you how to best use the edifying wall/partition wall? The edifying wall/partition wall is a new type of wall decoration material, which can be used in the field of sliding rail construction, pushing and pulling, that is to say, it needs to be used by the staff.

When the bathroom conference hall was close to business, the installation and construction of the partition wall began to be withdrawn, and the workers in the bathroom meeting room began to enter the scene. The handover process still did not have clear improvement. Therefore, Shanghai Chaoyang 365 wall partition manufacturers introduce the best use of the two partition walls for everyone's reference, and hope to solve the urgent need of people who are slightly eager to use.

When handing over, let the franchisee first order and code the partition door panels.

This is very core. When many of the partition wall panels are united to obtain some positions, the order is a mess. It turns out that each wall is just sealed, and the end of the wall shows that some doors are not pushed in, and the wall is obviously separated. Very large gap. For now, push this way to change, push the effect of the change is not impossible, it is more difficult than the puzzle, this is really anxious to make people sweat!

such asPartition wall designTeach you how to use

The starting point is that each piece of the wall panel is horizontally closed and completely sealed.

If the appearance is not sealed or the gap size is completely different, the height of the hanging wheel will be adjusted.

The partition door panel is rectangular, with three wheels. If the wheels are high and the wheels are low, the door panels are inclined. Use two two-way wrenches (the design type and model of the large-vision partition wall) to adjust the height of the wheel to stabilize and lock him.

If such a situation appears too often, it is likely to be a poor quality product, it is recommended to replace the Shanghai Chaoyang 365 suspension system. The Shanghai Chaoyang 365 suspension system is superior in quality and goodness. It is locked and never dropped by 3.

Then there is the difficult problem of pushing and pulling.

Looking very fast, but need to pay attention to their meticulousness, will greatly increase the use of the wall design. In the case of a new type of wall, the three-part partition door must be pushed together. The thrust of the set is relatively stable on the hanging wheel and does not shake. When a partition door is pushed and pulled, both hands can be used. When turning, you can also use both hands to grasp, one hand moves forward to the back side, one hand drags the front side, when you feel the hanging wheel enters the turning position, slowly pull toward the turning target, it is easy to turn around It is.

But it must not be too strong, because the person pushes hard below, the force goes down, the bottom of the door panel is inclined in the direction of turning, the front part of the door panel has not followed, and the shape of the door is turned back. Can't turn. On the other hand, the bottom is slightly inclined to the rear, and the front part is formed to rush forward, which is easier to turn.

Partition wall design teaches you how to best use

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