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Chengdu activity partition = how to choose the best

How to choose the most suitable floating screen/partition in Chengdu? Floating screen/partition is a kind of wall decoration material, which can be installed in the track, double push-pull and push, which means that personnel operation is required.

When the conference hall factory was close to the business, the construction and Chengdu activity partition construction workers had begun to withdraw, and the staff of the conference hall began to enter the site. When they were handed over, they still did not have a clearer and more advanced. Therefore, Xi'an XUNX screen partition team recommended the best operation method for Chengdu activity partition for everyone to refer to, and hope to solve the urgent need of people who are in a hurry.

First, when handing over, let the team first arrange the steps and codes in the door of the partition door.

This is very important. When some of the many partitions in the door are collected in some places, the steps are messy. Originally, each wall was just sealed, and eventually the wall was formed. Finally, some doors could not be pushed out. Especially the more or less gaps.

For now, push this type to change, push what to change is not very much, more difficult than the puzzle, this is really anxious to give people a sweat! such asChengdu active partitionHow to choose

The starting theme of the face is that each door in the partition door is curved and the right one is sealed and sealed.

If the seal is not formed or the gap between the upper and lower slits is completely different, it is possible to correct the height of the hanging wheel. The door in the partition door is rectangular, and there are random combination pulleys hanging. If the pulley is high on one side, the pulley on the side is low, and the door in the partition door is inclined, and the seal is not sealed and is not neat and beautiful.

With two opening wrenches (large as the Chengdu active partition brand and model), you can adjust the height of the pulley to make it smooth and lock.

If this type of form is formed too many times, it may be a counterfeit item. It is recommended to replace the Xi'an XUNX suspension system.

Xi'an bright 14 suspension system has a good texture, once locked, never 3 off.

Behind is the problem of double push and pull.

Looking at the speed, but need to pay attention to its details, will greatly delay the selection period of Chengdu activity partition. In the long-term form of the wall, the two screen partitions can be pushed together. This thrust channel is used around the hanging wheel to be quite stable, and there is no jitter; individual screen partitions must have both hands when pushing and pulling. When bending, you should also have two-handed operation. One hand pushes forward and then pushes forward. One hand rubs the front side. When you realize that the hanging wheel advances into the curved place, it slowly pulls to the bending standard and it is easy to turn to the position.

But you must not be too eager, because push hard below, the force goes down, the lower end of the door in the door is tilted to the curved side, the door in the door has not been followed yet, and the door is turned into a partition door. However, it can't turn up.

On the other hand, the lower end is slightly inclined to the rear, and the part causes the front to rush, so it is easy to turn to the position. How to choose the best activity partition in Chengdu

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