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Hotel activity screen partition - how to choose

Hotel activity screen partition- How to choose the subtle use of the partition wall, you can give men ample scope to protect the men's secrets.

Therefore, there are a lot of smart and strong people who will choose to participate in the decoration of the partition wall. So how do you do the most single partition wall? Let’s start with the theme Xiaobian and let’s talk about the most single partition wall. If you have the strength, you can look at it.

How to do the most single partition wall, the color should be clearHotel activity screen partition- How to choose the partition wall of the surrounding room, there is no natural light source, that is, it needs more brains in terms of color light.

In addition to the partition should use more comprehensive fine sand hollow glass, in addition, the floor tiles, floor tiles or carpet pink can not be too dark. Just because the pink is too dark, it should have a dark feeling.

Second, the partition wall should be the key partition wall with comprehensive fine sand insulating glass and lighter and thinner building materials. If you want to find the type of building, you need to use building materials. I think it is not the color of the building materials. .

Third, the partition wall should be kept clean and wide, and the room can be renewed. If enough sand is placed around, it will not only make the lobby hall wall look messy, but also cause the room to suffer damage.

If the partition wall is dark and dark, most of the rooms will look oppressive and melancholy.

Fourth, the partition of the partition wall must not be very high or too low to be moderateHotel activity screen partition- How to choose Generally speaking, the distance from the bottom of the object to the top of the two meters is the most popular. If the partition between the partition walls is very high, there is a sense of oppression in the body. Gas transportation thinks that if the partition wall is set very high, it will completely block the gas on the street, thus separating the fresh aura or anger of the outside door.

Hotel activity screen partition- How to choose


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