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Guangzhou Jingke Building Material Co., Ltd. is a research and development set up with professional activity partitions, hotel screens, folding screens, high compartments and high partitions.A company that integrates measurement, production, sales and installation. The company has advanced production equipment, strong technical installation team and marketing team.Introducing foreign advanced production technology, based on Germany's advanced partition technology, absorbing the essence of Chinese partition technology, and continuously optimizing,Improvement and innovation to ensure that the product has excellent sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing effects and fire-retardant properties, while at the same time having a beautiful and personalized appearance, the company does notBy absorbing the professional and technical talents, through continuous innovation of technology, the products can better meet and adapt to market demand.

Jingke partition has two series of high compartment and movable partition. The high compartment is mainly used in places such as office decoration where fixed space is required. the LordThe models are: 82 all-aluminum series, 83 inner steel outer aluminum series, 84 full aluminum series, 100 full aluminum series, 103 inner steel outer aluminum series. Active partitionIt is used in places such as hotel boxes and conference rooms where flexible space is required. The main models are: 64, 85, Super High and 65Frame glass, 85 type framed glass screen and other models, of which the ultra-high active partition has the world's leading technical level, using super steel rails, imported craneWheels, special ports and automatic steering systems up to 16m with a sound insulation factor of 55db, suitable for large upscale conference halls, banquet halls, exhibitionsUse in halls, exhibition halls and other professional venues. Various types of movable partitions can be turned at any angle to achieve all-round, multi-angle flexible separationThe art of separation of interior spaces is fully demonstrated.

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